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The text below is our user site agreement and outlines the bidding and auction closing process. Please read completely before deciding to agree or disagree with these terms.

Auction Formats



Portland Winterhawks auctions are conducted in an autoextend format. This format is different than other auction sites such as eBay. This auction process specifically eliminates the need for last minute (or sniper) bidding and extends the closing time when a last minute / sniper bid is placed. Please read the full auction format information and be sure that you are aware of and accept this process prior to placing your bids.

  • PROXY BIDDING: All bidders are given the option to enter a maximum bid on any item once they place an initial bid. Once you enter a maximum bid, the auction software will raise your initial bid by the minimum listed increment (up to your maximum bid) should another party out bid your initial bid. Such proxy bids are clearly marked with the word "(proxy)" next to each bid.

  • LAST MINUTE / SNIPER BIDS: For the purpose of this auction site a "last minute bid" or "sniper" is defined as any bid taking place within the last two (2) minutes of the posted closing time.

  • LISTED CLOSING TIMES: The published closing times on all Portland Winterhawks auctions signifies the time at which the closing process will commence. The auction closing procedure will take place using the following rules:

  • AUCTIONS WITH BIDS PLACED IN THE FINAL TWO (2) MINUTES: If one or more bids are placed within the final two (2) minutes of the posted closing time, the auction will be extended an additional two (2) minutes in order to provide other bidders with an opportunity to see the last minute / sniper bid and bid again should they choose. Additionally, users who place a bid within the final two (2) minutes will have the opportunity to bid again should their price be raised by an automitic proxy bid. This process will repeat itself in two (2) minute increments until bidding ceases. At such time, the auction will close and the item will be sold to the high bidder at the time of close.

  • AUCTIONS WITH NO BIDS PLACED IN THE FINAL TWO (2) MINUTES: If no new bids are placed within the final two (2) minutes of the listed time, the auction will close as scheduled. The item will be sold to the high bidder at the time of close.
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About Future Star Jerseys:

Future Star Jerseys was launched in 2011 by the Portland Winterhawks of the Western Hockey League in an effort to provide fans with a trustworthy and secure way to purchase authentic game worn jerseys, sticks and equipment worn by the NHL stars of tomorrow.

Each FSJ auction listing is created, monitered, completed and shipped by the team's front office business staff. With no middle man, dealers or third parties involved, you can be assured that your purchase is authentic and straight from the source.